Whenever you utilize the machine, appliance or any other system containing gas, air, water or other fluids and requires keeping those sealed and prevented from leaking, variety of seals and gaskets are playing essential role. Seals and gaskets are differently shaped and constructed elements designed to ensure proper performance of numerous pump-vent systems or simply systems containing non-solid materials that shouldn’t get of of the pipe system. Sealing elements are widely used in all sorts of industries, but they are also essential for commercial and domestic plumbing.

Toilets and tiles

A modern Toilet and tiles

You might not even be aware of their presence or importance, but if you face the leaking issue in your bathroom, the chances are some of the gaskets needs replacement. As with most home improvement tasks and repairs, going to professionals is the safest option, but if you get familiar with this subject, you might as well do it yourself. Thus, here’s a short review of the types of gaskets and seals commonly used for leaking toilets and bathroom pipes.

Simple wax ring and wax ring with sleeve

Both of these seals are simply designed as ellipse-shaped wax rings, with the difference that wax ring with sleeve has more material and it’s thicker. Wax rings are placed between the bottom of the toilet base and the flange. Their main purpose is to make watertight seal between the toilet and the flange preventing common leakage at the floor of the bathroom.

Both types of these seals are rather cheap and all it takes for installation is to completely remove the previous wax ring off the flange and set the toilet at the top of the new ring. Toilet’s weight will compress the wax ring and automatically create tight sealing. The height of the flange is the trait determining which one of these two is a better choice. If the flange is set more than 0.25-inch above the floor, use wax ring with sleeve. If its placed lower, basic wax ring will do the job.

Waxless gasket and Waxless foam gasket

Unlike previously described sealing rings, these two types of gaskets are made of rubber-like material, but without the wax, which gives them some additional traits and better performance. Also, one highly appreciated trait of these gaskets is their re-usability.

Wax-free basic gasket is perfect for sealing any potential leaking spots placed at the floor, which refers to toilet with deep-sealed flanges, but also for the bottom of the sinks. Wax-free foam is somewhat more flexible and comes in different sizes, which makes it suitable for floor-placed assets, as well as for leaking pipes.

Felt wax and sponge gaskets

These two types of seals are made of silicone and solid rubber materials and are commonly used for sealing toilet – flange borders. However, their versatile properties and high quality performance qualifies them for frequent utilization within wall installations as well. Therefore, you are free to use them to seal pipes, potentially leaking spots within the bath tube or any other place in the bathroom.