Plumbing issues are always stressful as you never know what can happen below your sink after you fix something. Whether it is a pipeline break, dripping faucet or anything else, we always think of how the water could affect our house and make damage. You can always ask a professional team to come and inspect your house, for example, plumbers in Durban – KZN can get to your house and see if everything is right. Usually, it is one of the most common problems. So, what are the most common problems?

Dripping faucets

Yes, this happens all the time due to the poor connection that allows water to drip. Of course, not only makes unnecessary danger to our house, but it also increases the electricity bill for nothing. Over the year, dripping can cost you an additional amount of money as hundreds of gallons can drip before you notice.

Plumber Fixing Kitchen Tap With Adjustable Wrench

Home Plumber Fixing Kitchen Tap

While the problem may not be that big and difficult, you need to have a set of appropriate tools to fix this problem. Over time, the internal washer may come worn as it can cause the dripping. As we said, the job is not difficult, it just requires the right set of tools.

Slow drainage in the sink

Another common problem arises when our drainage in the sink blocks the water flow for some reason. Food particles and leftovers are the worst enemies that can make this problem difficult, so it is important to prevent food or other items to go down the sink. If it happens, you can use a plunger to “pump out” the dirt while you pour the mix of baking soda and vinegar.

Alternatively, you can add a chemical solution for this purpose but if you do not have it, this mixture will do well. Also, use a plumber’s snake to physically unclog the sink.

Clogged bath sink

Yes, we often see this. The most probable cause is the excessive hair that collects over time and blocks the drainage. Again, a mix of baking soda and vinegar is great for solving this, but in this case, you will likely have to use the plumber’s snake to get rid of the hairs.

Houseman Fixing Pipe

Bathroom Pipe Need Houseman

If not handed on time, the hair may block the drainage so bad that you have no other choice but to open everything up and remove the hair manually. For this reason, get yourself a drain guard that will prevent any hair to pass down.

Low pressure of water

The most common cause of low-pressure water is the age of pipes that corroded over time, became broken and simply worn out. Over time, sediment collects in the pipeline, which prevents water to flow evenly. One of fthe things you can do is to soak the pipes in the vinegar that will remove sediment and flush it down. If you can, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the inside of the pipes, while you are soaking the pipeline.