If you are just an average individual, then there is a high chance that you know close to nothing about plumbing and drainage systems. Your way of life doesn’t require you to learn about these things, and a lot of people don’t bother with stuff that isn’t related to their work.On the other hand, it’s smart to expand your horizons and learn about random stuff, especially things that can affect your life. Calling a plumber when something goes wrong is the best solution, but this doesn’t mean you should be oblivious to plumbing, or any other stuff that can affect you.

Learning about plumbing can also help you, as you might hire a plumber who will use your lack of knowledge and put a price on a service that is over the top. No reputable plumber will do that, but not every worker in this industry is renowned. Hire only people who are known for their excellent work and decent prices.

Elements of the plumbing system

A plumbing system consists of water supply line that brings the liquid to your home with the help of pumps and the pipe system. The use of an underground tank is one way to supply it to buildings. Water reaches the container after which the pumps push it to an overhead reservoir from which the water uses gravity to reach individual apartments and rooms.The other way circumvents the use of the overhead tank through the use of pumps. They pump the water from the underground tank directly to faucets and other elements that use water. However, these are different than regular pumps as they have to provide continuous water pressure whenever an individual wants it. The whole setup that makes this possible is called hydro-pneumatic system.

How does hydro-pneumatic system work?

A pump that is the part of this system has a steel tank that is divided in two, out of which one part is water and the other air. Rubber membrane separates these two. The water fills one side which pushes the membrane toward the side with air which creates pressure that helps with pushing water through pipes and toward faucets. Opening a valve releases the pressure which turns the pump on and the whole cycle repeats.

This system is preferred by the majority of people because it eliminates the need for overhead tanks. It is also favored by people because it provides equal pressure to all apartments in a city building. The system that uses overhead tanks offers better pressure to people at higher floors than to people who live at the bottom of the building.Every form of a plumbing system consists of same elements, with small differences about which you could read above. Knowing which one of these is a part of the building you live in can help you determine whether the lack of pressure in your apartment is due to a leak or that is normal. If you study this a bit more then you will get the knowledge to recognize other faults within the system and determine what kind of work it requires.