Every job has its secrets and tips that you learn and master over the time. Some things you stop doing and some you start doing. But when it comes to plumbing, not a lot of people know that there are secrets that people do not want to tell. A plumber would often recommend you Axor Bath Fittings when you need an item for your bathroom, but not every of them will tell you the following secrets!

Be careful with “flushable” products

Even though some products have the designation that says that the products can be flushed, be careful. A wipe, tampon or napkin are not made to be flushed by the toilet, as these are not made of materials that can degrade easily. Unlike the older models of toilets, the modern ones are designed to be water-efficient, not super powerful to flush the elephant down.

Plumber fixing

Plumber repairing pipe

For this reason, try to avoid flushing the mentioned things to avoid possible clogging and problems. It costs you less to throw it in a bag than to flush it down and then pay a plumber to take care of your toilet. Never trust the product’s slogans as these can be a marketing trick!

Cooking grease is not for the toilet

Although some people may flush it down, the grease has a though chemical structure that can become problematic in the toilet. This grease can become rock-hard and form a clog inside the pipe, which will cause further problems and inconvenience.

Instead, use a paper towel to wipe your frying pan and throw away the towel. Ultimately, you can collect the grease and compost it or throw it like that in the trash. Just avoid flushing it down with the toilet as the potential problem might cost you a lot more.

Hire a plumber to inspect the house

This is a step that not too many people performs as we all think that we are moving in the cool and tidy apartment. Sometimes, we cannot see a problem as we are not dealing with the plumbing issues. But, when a professional plumber comes in and inspects the potential issues, you can be sure that you will be good.


Plumber putting a new pipe in bathroom

This is a small investment that does not cost a lot but prevents potential problems from arising. You do not want to have a flood in your house just because you did not see the bad faucet. Hire a plumber before you move in to inspect your house and you will be sure that everything is good.

Never hang stuff on the plumbing pipes

This is one of the problems that many plumbers encounter with. The plumbing system is a system that must be maintained and free of any hangings! The very often, people tend to hang things on the pipes in the basement just because they do not have any more room to place things. What happens is that the pipes, due to the additional weight, break and cause flood! Never hang a single piece of item on the pipes!