Texas has excellent weather, which means that people like spending time outside. Every town has locations that have prebuilt barbeque grills and other accompanying things. But those locations tend to be full during weekends, and you can’t rest when there is music and chattering all around you.Building an outdoor kitchen is a project that might take several months to complete, or it can take two or three weeks, depending on you. The scale you will choose will determine how long it will take to complete the project.Now, this post will be all about the installation of the full outdoor kitchen, with proper plumbing systems and all additions that will make it a kitchen in its true sense.

What does the outdoor kitchen need?

The centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen is a grill. You can build a grill (or buy a cheap one) and leave it at that. But the best option is to design one and incorporate it into a significant outdoor creation that will have everything.
The second element of the kitchen you will want nearby is the kitchen sink. You can build a grill and add a kitchen sink, and that is enough to spend a lot of quality time in the backyard. Kitchen sink makes everything easier. You can wash all ingredients at the spot, without the need to go into the house whenever you have to wash your hands or some of the components. A kitchen sink in the backyard is something you want if you love to cook outside.

The third most important element of the outdoor kitchen is the worktable. It’s a waste of time to install a grill and sink without having a proper worktable where you can slice and dice and do everything else.Now, if you are going for a worktable, then it’s smart to include several cabinets and countertops as well. These will be great as storage spaces for all things you will need to create beautiful dishes.

Elements that will turn your outdoor kitchen into a paradise

An outdoor kitchen can be a simple construction with a grill, kitchen sink and a table where you can work. But, if you are an avid cook, or you love to cook outside, then you will want to add some things that will make your outdoor kitchen even better.Installing a water heater and therefore having both cold and hot water outside will help you with everything. You will be able to wash dishes without going back into the house for hot water, and you will be able to add hot water to dishes that require it.

Do leave some space in your outdoor kitchen with herbs and spices. Put all spices in one area as it will be easier for you to get them. Fresh herbs are the best, and thus you should have pots of herbs on the side.
If you have money then building a brick oven that takes wood as a fire source. This will make the kitchen look better and food tastier.