In the majority of cases, home improvement has nothing to do with eco-friendly actions. People improve their property because they want something more from it. In general, you can recognize two different types of improvements.
The first type refers to work that adds features to a property. The outdoor kitchen is one such example as it allows owners to prepare meals in their backyard. The other type refers to additions to the home that is there to improve the look of the same. None of these two have anything to do with being eco-friendly.

What are eco-friendly home improvements?

Some people care about nature, and they try to do everything to protect it as much as they can. This is a valiant way to live a life. Home improvements can be eco-friendly as well as useful at the same time. You have to know what works and how it works.Window replacement is one of the crucial eco-friendly home improvements everyone should consider. Installation of double-glazed windows is the way to go. It can look good if you know what to do and it also reduces the amount of air that can enter the home. This will reduce the bill you pay for heating.
You can keep the bill low with other improvements in the window area as well. Getting thick dark curtains will also reduce the amount of cold air that gets in. If you know some designer friends, then get them to pick one to make it blend in with other elements in the house.
It’s strange that we still use standard light bulbs that use a lot of electricity. Technology that reduced the electricity consumption already exists, and it comes in the form of LED and CFL bulbs. These two use around 80% less electricity than their standard counterparts. Latest LED products provide as much light as standard bulbs without needing a lot of power to run. They are also more resilient and will last several times longer than standard bulbs.

Everything revolves around the insulation

All eco-friendly improvements are there to make your life easier while protecting the environment as well. In home improvement terms that mean that everything revolves around insulation of the house. You see, the quality of insulation reflects the amount of energy your house elements will consume. Improve the insulation of the house and less electricity and other fuels it will take to make you warm during winter and cold during summer.