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Working from the bottom up, set up roofing underlayment around the base and the aesthetic side (Number 7b).

At the top of the unit, install a membrane layer flashing straight to the wood deck (Number 7e). After that, mount the roof underlayment over the flashing at the head of the skylight (Number 7f). Number 8. Install roof and steel blinking around a deck-mounted skylight, incorporating blinking with roof covering shingles to direct water out and away from the roofing system.

Installing A Skylight

Installing A Skylight In A Roof

Mount sill blinking over the roof shingles at the base of the skylight (Number 8b). Weave in the step flashing with each roof shingle program on the way up the sides of the skylight (Number 8c). Seal the tops of the screws used to affix flashing with roof cement to stop leakages and corrosion.

Mount shingles to cover the head flashing (Number 8e). Re-install the removable counter blinking (if present) to finish the setup (Number 8f).An alternate method is to eliminate tiles around the skylight to create a more significant working area. The setup would certainly then be completed like an overall roofing substitute (see actions above). An increased risk of roof shingles damage with this technique, so it is recommended to have replacement shingles readily available as needed.

Remove the metal flashing from around the skylight. Make sure not to damage any kind of metal blinking products that are planned to be recycled. Get rid of the existing skylight device from the aesthetic and evaluate the underlying structure for damages (Figure 9a). Change any damaged wood. Determine whether to maintain or change the existing skylight.

Carefully lift the roof shingles’ cut edge to tuck the membrane blinking listed below the roofing tiles, yet over the roof underlayment. Above the skylight head, cut angled slits in the roofing underlayment rising and out from the edges (eliminate tiles above the head if needed). Then raise the underlayment over the head so that the membrane flashing can be put under the roof underlayment and sealed directly to the wood deck.

Reposition tiles and replace any kind of removed (or wait and replace tiles after installing steel head blinking). Set up the steel sill flashing over the shingles (Figure 9d). Weave in action flashing with each training course of roof shingles en route up the sides of the skylight (Number 9e). Seal the tops of the screws utilized to affix the blinking with roofing system concrete to avoid leaks and corrosion.

Skylight In The Room

Skylight And Lot Of Lights In the Room

Establish the new or existing skylight ready and fasten to the visual over the flashing layers per the supplier’s guidelines (Figure 9f).Get rid of the metal blinking from around the skylight. This may consist of a removable counter blinking that is affixed to the unit itself. Take care not to damage any kind of metal blinking materials that are meant to be recycled. TweakDoor is very useful app as well.

Establish whether to keep or replace the existing skylight. Figure 10. Install self-adhered and steel blinking around a curb-mounted skylight on a current roofing system, functioning from the bottom up, so upper layers overlap fewer layers to shed water far from the roof. Picture courtesy of Structure Scientific research Company.