Bond cleaning is something that every property manager asks a tenant after he decides to move out of the property. Whether you rented the storage unit, a house or a small apartment, your duty as a tenant is to leave it in the original condition as it was when you moved in. Some people do not have experience with cleaning and therefore we have prepared bond-back-cleaning-melbourne guide to all there who plan to move out.

Start in the kitchen

The kitchen is probably the dirtiest area in the entire house as you prepare food, store it and eat it. After all, the kitchen takes most of the time to clean it as you clean not only the countertops and tables, but also the appliances. Ovens are often messy and require a lot of scrubbing as the grease sticks to the inside of it and it removes hard. For this reason, one quick tip is to clean it after every use to reduce the need for cleaning before you move out.

Cleaning Home Tips

Woman Holding A Bucket Of Cleaning Tools

It is recommended to use eco-friendly chemicals to avoid damage of the appliance as well. Once you are done with an oven and other devices, you move to the sink and drain holes. These must be sparkling clean or you could end up losing the deposit that you gave to the property manager. Also, clean the walls in the kitchen, boards and table with a mixture of water and baking soda, especially if you have grease and mildew.

The bathroom is the next

Once you are done in the kitchen, you can start with the bathroom. Naturally, there is a lot of bacteria in the bathroom and you should use rubber gloves and a mask if possible. Clean the mirror first and then move on the cabinets, sink and tub.

This is where the thick paste of baking soda and warm water comes in – you can remove any mildew or mold with this paste efficiently! Additionally, you can scrub off a bit using the chemical solutions but make sure you use gloves as these can damage your skin and make permanent injuries. Do not forget to use polishers to make everything sparkle and shine. Toilet requires a thorough cleaning so make sure you prepare cleaning solutions to clean the toilet, the seat and around it.

Bedroom is the last

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning Kitchen With Gloves

The bedroom is the place where you probably have a carpet, so make sure you hire a professional carpet cleaner to have it cleaned. If you plan to hire one, make sure you clean all the upholstery and furniture as well. Yes, this will cost additional, but it is necessary, especially if you lived with pets and kids in the apartment. In case you have some marks on the wall, try to remove these with a dry cloth. Alternatively, use sugar soap to clean the walls and make them spot-free. However, you will not be able to clean everything but if you need to, you can always paint it and get rid of the marks.