The Most Common Drainage Problems In Your Garden

The Most Common Drainage Problems In Your Garden

A lawn drainage problem might be a disaster for your garden or even house and any problem related to this subject must be handled and solved as soon as possible. The poor drainage of your yard is going to ruin the overall appearance of the landscape but the structure of it as well. The reasons for this could range from a poor plan of drainage to the improper calculations and negligence. As the drainage plan is the vital component of every landscape layout, you can be sure that it is vital to distribute the water correctly and properly.

We will mention a few reasons for this problem and in the meantime, click here for a drain unblocking service. If you face a drainage problem, do not hesitate or wait, but rather contact the guys so they could solve your problem.

Improper elevation

One of the worst things that can happen to you is when you have the poor elevation of your landscape. It leads to the problem of draining water down to your house foundation, which can be dangerous to its structure, interior or even make it fall apart. Water runs down naturally and when you did not create the proper elevation for your foundation so the water cannot stay around it, every time the heavy rain stars, the water will stay around your foundation.

Backyard Drainage Gate In Grass

Drainage Gate In Garden

This can be solved by the grades that are dug around your foundation so the water drains properly, instead of collecting. Additionally, you can use a pipe system to take the drainage away from your house. Though a bit expensive, this ensures that you face no problems with water. The lack of slope might be a great problem for people who live in areas where a lot of rain falls during the year, so if you are in this area, consider getting a professional plan for your landscape.

The gaps and traps in ground

Another common problems are gaps and traps that can form for numerous reasons and no one thinks of these until they start getting filled by water. These creeks can look great if made intentionally, but the problem might arise during the heavy rainfall, especially when you do not have a proper system for drainage.

The water will collect in those creeks, and fill the gaps, ultimately killing your plants and roots. The only way to get rid of water in the gaps is to use a pump to get it out. Therefore, if you want to have creeks around your house, consult with the professional landscape guys who will analyze your terrain and suggest you the safe project.

Problems with gutters

Drainage In Garden

How To Use Drainage

Gutters are made to protect your house foundation from excessive water and having a poor gutter system might result in a problem. Should we add poor drainage on that, you have a disaster. Gutters must not pour out the water close to the paved surface, plants or the foundation of the house. Instead, they have to direct water away from the house, possibly downhill to get the best results. The lack of slope will not force water to go down and it will stay in the same place where it is emptied out of the gutters.

Plumbing Secrets You Probably Did Not Know

Plumbing Secrets You Probably Did Not Know

Every job has its secrets and tips that you learn and master over the time. Some things you stop doing and some you start doing. But when it comes to plumbing, not a lot of people know that there are secrets that people do not want to tell. A plumber would often recommend you Axor Bath Fittings when you need an item for your bathroom, but not every of them will tell you the following secrets!

Be careful with “flushable” products

Even though some products have the designation that says that the products can be flushed, be careful. A wipe, tampon or napkin are not made to be flushed by the toilet, as these are not made of materials that can degrade easily. Unlike the older models of toilets, the modern ones are designed to be water-efficient, not super powerful to flush the elephant down.

Plumber fixing

Plumber repairing pipe

For this reason, try to avoid flushing the mentioned things to avoid possible clogging and problems. It costs you less to throw it in a bag than to flush it down and then pay a plumber to take care of your toilet. Never trust the product’s slogans as these can be a marketing trick!

Cooking grease is not for the toilet

Although some people may flush it down, the grease has a though chemical structure that can become problematic in the toilet. This grease can become rock-hard and form a clog inside the pipe, which will cause further problems and inconvenience.

Instead, use a paper towel to wipe your frying pan and throw away the towel. Ultimately, you can collect the grease and compost it or throw it like that in the trash. Just avoid flushing it down with the toilet as the potential problem might cost you a lot more.

Hire a plumber to inspect the house

This is a step that not too many people performs as we all think that we are moving in the cool and tidy apartment. Sometimes, we cannot see a problem as we are not dealing with the plumbing issues. But, when a professional plumber comes in and inspects the potential issues, you can be sure that you will be good.


Plumber putting a new pipe in bathroom

This is a small investment that does not cost a lot but prevents potential problems from arising. You do not want to have a flood in your house just because you did not see the bad faucet. Hire a plumber before you move in to inspect your house and you will be sure that everything is good.

Never hang stuff on the plumbing pipes

This is one of the problems that many plumbers encounter with. The plumbing system is a system that must be maintained and free of any hangings! The very often, people tend to hang things on the pipes in the basement just because they do not have any more room to place things. What happens is that the pipes, due to the additional weight, break and cause flood! Never hang a single piece of item on the pipes!

Easy Tips For Efficient Watering Of Your Garden

Easy Tips For Efficient Watering Of Your Garden

Do you want to know how to water your plants properly? Are you wondering how could you improve your water or make it more efficient?  Not sure if you need to water every day? This article will help you with these questions, however, we cannot explain to you how to connect and get water to your garden from the main water pipeline. This job is a bit complex and it is strongly advised to hire Plumbers Naples FL for example to do the job, as you need to know respect and follow the standards and rules. Now, let’s talk about tips you can follow and produce fantastic plants in your garden. You can start home improvement even with landscaping and improving your watering techniques!

Do not water your plants every day

Find the balance with your water to avoid possible overwatering, even though outdoor overwatering is technically impossible. However, have in mind that is better to water thoroughly every third day than watering every day, especially when speaking of vegetables. The soaking of ground will ensure that the root gets enough water and that will prevent any possibility for drought.

Therefore, the infrequent activity will be just fine as your root needs air to breathe, instead of water that is present every day. As you know, the excessive rains can’t do any good and if you compare that to regular watering, you get the picture. Regular watering is the only option during the really hot summer!

Automation is the key

As in everything, once the things get automated the whole process goes smooth and easy. The various tools you can use will make your activity easier and faster, with almost no need to involve in anything. A lot of people use sprinkler systems that are attached to timers which can be set up to work at any time you want, in any interval you can imagine.

Weeding A Corner of the Vegetable Garden

Automation is the key

Besides the fact that you will ensure the optimal and consistent amount of water, you will also save on water bill and will not spill any excessive water. The automation is one of the best upgrades for your garden in any sense, especially if you have a large garden that is difficult to maintain alone without the aid of equipment.

Try to keep plant’s leaves dry

At first, you might think that there is no connection between wet leaves and diseases, but one thing is definitely guaranteed if the leaves get wet in the damp area and that is mold. Mold is one of the worst things that can hit your plants and kills them rapidly if you do not react on time. The problem is that the leaves are often in bad condition before you realize what is happening.

Another thing that also happens regularly are sunburns. During hot days of the summer, the leaves are literally baking on the sun, and if you sprinkle them with water and leave like that, the sun will dry out water and burn the plant. Avoid spraying water over the plant to eliminate the possibility for problems like these.

The Right Gaskets For Toilets And Bathroom Pipes

The Right Gaskets For Toilets And Bathroom Pipes

Whenever you utilize the machine, appliance or any other system containing gas, air, water or other fluids and requires keeping those sealed and prevented from leaking, variety of seals and gaskets are playing essential role. Seals and gaskets are differently shaped and constructed elements designed to ensure proper performance of numerous pump-vent systems or simply systems containing non-solid materials that shouldn’t get of of the pipe system. Sealing elements are widely used in all sorts of industries, but they are also essential for commercial and domestic plumbing.

Toilets and tiles

A modern Toilet and tiles

You might not even be aware of their presence or importance, but if you face the leaking issue in your bathroom, the chances are some of the gaskets needs replacement. As with most home improvement tasks and repairs, going to professionals is the safest option, but if you get familiar with this subject, you might as well do it yourself. Thus, here’s a short review of the types of gaskets and seals commonly used for leaking toilets and bathroom pipes.

Simple wax ring and wax ring with sleeve

Both of these seals are simply designed as ellipse-shaped wax rings, with the difference that wax ring with sleeve has more material and it’s thicker. Wax rings are placed between the bottom of the toilet base and the flange. Their main purpose is to make watertight seal between the toilet and the flange preventing common leakage at the floor of the bathroom.

Both types of these seals are rather cheap and all it takes for installation is to completely remove the previous wax ring off the flange and set the toilet at the top of the new ring. Toilet’s weight will compress the wax ring and automatically create tight sealing. The height of the flange is the trait determining which one of these two is a better choice. If the flange is set more than 0.25-inch above the floor, use wax ring with sleeve. If its placed lower, basic wax ring will do the job.

Waxless gasket and Waxless foam gasket

Unlike previously described sealing rings, these two types of gaskets are made of rubber-like material, but without the wax, which gives them some additional traits and better performance. Also, one highly appreciated trait of these gaskets is their re-usability.

Wax-free basic gasket is perfect for sealing any potential leaking spots placed at the floor, which refers to toilet with deep-sealed flanges, but also for the bottom of the sinks. Wax-free foam is somewhat more flexible and comes in different sizes, which makes it suitable for floor-placed assets, as well as for leaking pipes.

Felt wax and sponge gaskets

These two types of seals are made of silicone and solid rubber materials and are commonly used for sealing toilet – flange borders. However, their versatile properties and high quality performance qualifies them for frequent utilization within wall installations as well. Therefore, you are free to use them to seal pipes, potentially leaking spots within the bath tube or any other place in the bathroom.

Easy Repairs That You Can Do On Your Own

Easy Repairs That You Can Do On Your Own

Have you encountered the situation where you understand that the plumbing problem is not that big and you can do it instead of calling the professional plumber? Plumbing does not have to be so hard, once you understand how it works actually and where to look for a problem. There will be small repairs that you can do on your own, without calling a plumber and we will give you the list of these so you can do it on your own. Of course, you need to have some knowledge but no one expect you to understand the process of aluminium fabrication, but rather just the right ways of using these. Know how to use the simple tools like an adjustable wrench, screwdriver, plunger, knife and caulking gun and you will be fine.

Faucet that leaks

Leaking is the sign that something is not fine, but if it is not a flood, nothing serious is happening. At least, nothing that you cannot repair. Faucets are not the particle physics, it is just that you need to understand the types of these, so you could know how to disassemble them. There are plenty of instructions online, so make sure you check them out. Slow dripping is usually a sign of a bad wisher that you need to change. So why should you call a plumber that will charge you when you can do it on your own easily?


Installing the faucet

The same as above – people are freaking out when they are installing it. Usually, once you buy it, you will get the instructions on how to install it. You will not need any special tools, just a screwdriver and a wrench. If you are not sure about the procedure, always ask a worker in a local hardware store. They will be able to explain this in just a few steps. Or, head to the Youtube and find the right video!


Changing showerheads

Showerheads are built to last long, but it can happen that it becomes problematic after years of use. A new showerhead can save you more than 20% on the monthly water bill, so make sure you replace it once it starts dripping and leaking. You can buy these at any hardware store and change them easily, using nothing but a screwdriver and a wrench. You will not need more than 15 minutes to change it, if you know what you are doing of course.


Sealing the bathtub

The main trick here is that you must use the proper caulk. Depending on what you need, you can choose from one that is made for filling the cracks, or for sealing the appliances ion your bathroom. Do not forget to check the label to see if the caulk is designed for the showers or tubs. Also, there are many brands out there, but avoid buying the cheapest one. Those that cost a bit more will provide you with the fantastic sealing and your shower or a tub will not leak anywhere. If you are not sure, as a worker to recommend you one.

How to prevent gas leaks in your home?

How to prevent gas leaks in your home?

Each year we have countless deaths linked to gas leaks. Therefore, gas safety is something you should take quite seriously. Even though gas comes as a convenient solution, it requires a lot of responsibilities and maintenance. 

First of all, you have to fulfill all safety requirements even to consider gas installation. The number one cause of gas leaks is the faulty or improperly installed appliances, such as boilers or cookers. If you want to secure your home and protect your family, then you’ll hire professional gas connection services, instead of doing it yourself.

So, here are a couple of useful recommendations on how to improve the safety of your home.

Hire a registered professional

Allowing someone who isn’t qualified to install, or inspect your gas appliances can put a member of your family at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is an incredibly poisonous gas, and it can kill you quickly without warning.

Unfortunately, you can’t taste it or smell it. That’s why you should only allow a professional who has a Gas Safe Register membership card to work on your heating system. On the other hand, if your engineer has a CORGI card to this date, then he is not licensed.


How to detect gas leaks?

In the case of CO leaks, there are no particular symptoms you can suffer from. On the other hand, if you experience nausea or dizziness, then you should go outside immediately. These symptoms should disappear in the fresh air.

Some clear signs of household appliances can indicate a leak, even if you don’t smell gas. You should pay attention to blue flame, rather than orange and yellow, and check the outside of appliances and look for any black scorched areas. 

On top of that, inspect condensation on the windows or the musty smell in the air.


What to do if you smell gas?

Instead of avoiding the issue, you should act immediately. Your first step should be cutting off the gas supply at gas meter. It has a valve that regulates the gas flow, and it’s connected to a pipe at the right angle.

You should always be familiar with your gas supply equipment if such situation happens. The next step would be to fill your home with fresh air. Open all doors and windows to enable the air flow.

While you are airing your house, avoid using any electrical switches because the spark can cause an explosion. This involves light switches, electronic doorbells, and even smoking. Once you have eliminated the immediate danger, call a National Gas emergency number.


Preventing gas leaks

There are a few ways which can help you avoid leaks of gas:

  • Hire a certified person to check your system and appliance
  • Perform regular checks
  • If you move to another home, get your appliances checked
  • Detect symptoms of gas poisoning
  • Get a carbon monoxide alarm
  • These small steps can prevent hazardous situations and help you protect your home and family.
Home plumbing projects you can handle

Home plumbing projects you can handle

Plumbing projects can be a bit challenging, but if you are determined to succeed, they don’t have to be. Plumbing services are quite expensive and it will cost you a lot to get someone to fix your water tank filter, and that’s why more and more people are trying to learn how to handle the simple household problems so that they could avoid this expense. So, here is some common plumbing repair that you can do yourself and save time and money.

Turn off the water supply

Before you start with any repairs, you will need to shut off the water flowing. In most cases, you will find easy-to-access gate valves or compression valves that you can turn with your hand. For sinks, look under the sink, and you will see two small valves, one is for hot water, while the other is for cold water. If these valves are unavailable to you, or you can’t reach them, then you will have to turn the main water supply.

Install a head shower

This is the easiest plumbing project. In most cases, you will have to unscrew the old shower head from the shower arm, clean of the threads on the shower and use Teflon tape to wrap it around, then screw a new head. This is simple, and latest models don’t even require a Teflon tape. Before you buy a new shower head, make sure it matches an extension arm.


Fix a leaky faucet

A leaky faucet can happen to anyone, and this is a common problem. It occurs from a faucet handles or drips from a water spout. Usually, single-handle faucets are located in kitchens, but you can find them in bathrooms as well. There are three types of mechanisms, rotating ball valve, cartridge and ceramic disc. Basically, to repair a leaky faucet, you will have to remove the handle, pop out the mechanism, and replace it.

Installation Of Outdoor Gas And Water Heaters

Installation Of Outdoor Gas And Water Heaters

With the creation of a new outdoor space or pool, the creation of an outdoor kitchen or gas fireplace are becoming commonplace nowadays because of the enjoyment and relaxation they bring, not to mention the upside of increasing the value of your home.People love to enjoy the nature, and the backyard is a window that releases them from the confines of a home. Installation of outdoor gas and water heaters allows people to enjoy everyday things in their garden rather than having to go back in the house.

This installation isn’t as expensive as you might think, as long as you choose a project that won’t require a lot of pipes and other plumbing elements. Scale it down to make it affordable and enjoy like never before.

The freedom to enjoy

Enjoy taking a shower in the privacy of your backyard or off your master bedroom after an afternoon workout, or to cool down from a hot day in the sun, maybe wash off that chlorine from the pool or take a hot shower in the coolness of morning. Add a hot tub with that shower and make your backyard your own ultimate spa to enjoy for years to come.Convert your propane heaters and gas grills to endless natural gas today. Never run out of fuel in the middle of a cookout again. Gas grills, dishwashers, running water to an island or installing outdoor gas heaters. We also install natural gas standby generators.

Natural gas heating is the solution

Running water lines or gas pipes in or around your property is just a call a way. Run line to the garage for a utility sink or a gas hot air heater.

A job like this is impossible for amateurs as there is a lot that can go wrong. If you choose to do this without professional assistance, then you risk causing damages worth several thousand dollars or even more. Call the pro and let them create a project that will eliminate all variables that might cause problems. Leave DIY projects for other things as this is a serious work that requires knowledge and experience.Extend your outdoor season with natural gas heaters for the patio. Gas fire pit or an outdoor gas fireplace insert provide warmth in small cozy areas. Natural gas torches and radiant gas heaters that radiate heat downward are great for larger areas. With natural gas heater you no longer have to keep filling propane tanks.

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements You Should Try

Eco-Friendly Home Improvements You Should Try

In the majority of cases, home improvement has nothing to do with eco-friendly actions. People improve their property because they want something more from it. In general, you can recognize two different types of improvements.
The first type refers to work that adds features to a property. The outdoor kitchen is one such example as it allows owners to prepare meals in their backyard. The other type refers to additions to the home that is there to improve the look of the same. None of these two have anything to do with being eco-friendly.

What are eco-friendly home improvements?

Some people care about nature, and they try to do everything to protect it as much as they can. This is a valiant way to live a life. Home improvements can be eco-friendly as well as useful at the same time. You have to know what works and how it works.Window replacement is one of the crucial eco-friendly home improvements everyone should consider. Installation of double-glazed windows is the way to go. It can look good if you know what to do and it also reduces the amount of air that can enter the home. This will reduce the bill you pay for heating.
You can keep the bill low with other improvements in the window area as well. Getting thick dark curtains will also reduce the amount of cold air that gets in. If you know some designer friends, then get them to pick one to make it blend in with other elements in the house.
It’s strange that we still use standard light bulbs that use a lot of electricity. Technology that reduced the electricity consumption already exists, and it comes in the form of LED and CFL bulbs. These two use around 80% less electricity than their standard counterparts. Latest LED products provide as much light as standard bulbs without needing a lot of power to run. They are also more resilient and will last several times longer than standard bulbs.

Everything revolves around the insulation

All eco-friendly improvements are there to make your life easier while protecting the environment as well. In home improvement terms that mean that everything revolves around insulation of the house. You see, the quality of insulation reflects the amount of energy your house elements will consume. Improve the insulation of the house and less electricity and other fuels it will take to make you warm during winter and cold during summer.

Hard Water – The Bane Of Plumbing Systems

Hard Water – The Bane Of Plumbing Systems

You may have noticed the hard water stains in your toilets, bathtub, the lack of lather when shampooing, rusty colored water or a strange smell from your water. These all indicate a hard water problem, hard water has dissolved minerals like calcium and phosphorous in it undetectable to the eye.Hard water is one of the silent killers of all plumbing elements, and there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening. The high amount of calcium is present in tap water, and that means constant wear of the pipes and other plumbing elements.

The only way to alleviate the damages that hard water causes is to address the issue once it occurs. In other words, you should wait for calcium deposits to appear, and then call a plumber to deal with them. Proper maintenance is the best solution, even though it might cost more than you are willing to pay on a regular basis.The advantage of the regular maintenance is that the professional plumber will notice early signs of calcium deposits and remove them before they cause any significant damage. This offsets the cost of the regular maintenance, and thus everyone should do it.

Restoring the water density balance

Your pipes and drains can have built ups in and around them cutting off the flow of outgoing water from your home. Water filters under sinks can help, Budget King Plumbing recommends a whole house water filtration and softner to eliminate hard water problems, and reduce the chance of costly repairs to dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines due to hard water. We can also attach a reverse osmosis system to filter and store your drinking water to the softner and filtration system.

If you are concerned about the quality of your water, get your water tested for free today!

For emergencies call 936-539-9954, a plumbing technician is always on call 24/7 and can visit your home anytime and fix the problem immediately in Conroe Texas.

How to soften the water?

Water softening plumbing – Hard water in water is the result of an excess of calcium, magnesium and iron. Calcium and magnesium deposits in your pipes build-up into a thick scale over time.

Heating systems, boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters will last longer and use less energy with water softening. A family can potentially save hundreds of dollars each yearWhile water quality is a complex issue, the solution of clean great tasting water is simple. Filtering your homes tap water or well water can decrease exposure to numerous known or suspected carcinogens that cause serious health conditions


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